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Adverse Childhood Experiences

When a child suffers emotional, physical abuse, is affected by a loss of a parent or grows up in an environment which is subjected to domestic violence, mental illness or substance abuse it contributes to what is known as an Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Most people have suffered an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) but leading research in the USA showed that the more ACEs a child suffers, the greater the link to future adult health and social problems.

Children suffering 4 ACES or more are at greater risk of developing heart disease and diabetes in adult life. They are also at greater risk of committing crime and risking their health due to smoking, drinking and taking drugs.

At Fostering People, we are an ACES aware organisation. We are aware that the children we care for are more likely to have suffered ACEs.  By being aware of what causes ACES and the impact it has on their future lives, we are better placed to help improve childhood resilience, to help combat the effects of ACES on their adult lives.

We do this via our PACE therapeutic model.

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