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What is foster care?

Foster care is when a child is placed into the care of foster carers because they are unable to live with their own family.

Our foster carers support these children and provide them with a stable, safe family home for as long as they need it – this could be anything from a few days or weeks to months or even years.

There are all sorts of reasons why children come into care and each will have their own life story. Every child is an individual, which is why we offer different types of fostering placements.

How is fostering different to adoption?

Fostering is very different from adoption. When you adopt a child, you become their legal guardian and you’re responsible for them just as you would be for your own child. It’s not the same when you foster a child – their legal responsibility remains with the birth family or, in some cases, the local authority.

Fostering with an independent fostering agency is different to becoming a foster carer with a local authority and it’s important to understand how before you begin your fostering journey.

Want to find out more about becoming a foster carer with us? Check out how the process works or get in touch with us and one of our fostering experts will answer all your questions.

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