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Fostering services

Fostering People provides a range of fostering services to local authorities.

We provide placements for children and young people of all ages with our high quality foster carers. All placements are matched to ensure a good fit between the needs of children and young people and the skills and experience of foster carers to meet those needs.

Many Fostering People foster carers have extensive experience and/or training in specialised areas of care, for example caring for those who have been sexually abused or dealing with challenging behaviour. Needs and placement solutions are carefully and continuously monitored and supported.

All fostering placements must be negotiated through the child or young person’s care authority (the Local Authority) either through an individual placement contract or as part of a wider contract of service provision commissioned by the Local Authority.

Fostering People offer the following range of placements:

Long term placements

Bridging placements

Short term placements

Transitions placements

Remand placements

Emergency placements

Parent and child placements

Respite placements

Appropriate placements for Sanctuary Seeking Children & Young People

Provision for disabled children


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