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We’re a preferred provider for local authorities across the West Midlands including Birmingham City Council, Worcester and Herefordshire Councils, Coventry, Solihull, Warwickshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

We receive referrals for children of all ages, although over half the children referred to us are over the age of 10. With this in mind, we particularly need foster carers who can care for older children.  We’re also recruiting for foster carers who can offer placements for sibling groups.

Transitional Fostering in Birmingham

Transitional fostering gives young people living in or at risk of entering residential care the opportunity to experience a stable family environment.

Some young people find themselves in residential care as a result of their challenging behaviour. For others, it’s simply a last option when there are no foster families available.

As part of the Polaris Community, we’ve been awarded a four year Children in Care contract by Birmingham City Council to deliver transitional placements across the city.

There are currently 188* young people in residential care in Birmingham. Almost a third are living outside the city, often a long distance away from their family and friends.

As the only provider of transitional fostering in the area, our carers are guaranteed referrals and will have the opportunity to provide long-term placements for at least the next four years.

How it works

Transitional fostering offers an enhanced level of support over a 12 month period and involves four stages:

Planning – Over this six-week period, we’ll ensure the right match and introduce you to the young person you’ll be caring for, while paying you a retainer fee.

Settlement – Our 12-week settlement period ensures the young person makes a smooth transition from residential to foster care. During this time, you’ll receive up to 20 hours of support per week.

Stabilisation – Our stabilisation stage lasts around 12 weeks and involves monthly progress meetings. During this time, you’ll receive around 15 hours of weekly support and six nights paid respite.

Maintenance – The final stage of our programme lasts up to 28 weeks and includes monthly progress meetings and 21 nights paid respite care. You’ll continue to receive an enhanced level of support including regular visits from your social worker.

Is it for me?

As a transitional carer, you’ll be helping young people with a difficult past settle into family life and engage with their local community; offering them the support they need to thrive.
But it can be a challenge, which is why we offer a higher level of support and allowances to carers offering these placements.

It helps if you’ve had prior experience of fostering or working with young people with difficult behaviour – perhaps in a residential home, prison, school or youth centre.

Single carers can offer transitional placements and, if the match is appropriate, you may still be able to offer regular fostering placements too.

To find out more about transitional fostering, call us on 0800 077 8159.

*Information correct in March 2014

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