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LGBT fostering and gender

At Fostering People we welcome foster carers from people of all backgrounds. Becoming a successful foster carer is all about having the right personal qualities such as a great sense of humour, resilience and patience, not your sexual ordination or gender.

LGBT fostering

Smilo-17 Gay or holding handsWe have a been recruiting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender foster carers for many years and have a growing number of carers who are providing excellent care to children of all ages.

At Fostering People, we are committed to recruiting not just foster carers from the LGBT community, but as part of the Core Assets group, we are proud to be one of Stonewall’s top 100 employers.  So with Fostering People you can rest assured that your sexual orientation with not be a barrier when fostering with ourselves.

Read Damian and Rob’s story to find out more, about how one couple has found fostering with Fostering People.


Gender and Fostering

Some people believe that you need to be married to foster, this simply isn’t true.  We have many single foster carer alongside our married and co-habiting families.  We have a large number of single female carers and happily, a growing number of single male carers too.

Each and every fostering household is different, just like every child in need of foster carer is different.  We are proud to be an inclusive fostering agency, as we believe this enables us to provide the very best supportive and loving homes for children.

We know it can sometimes be useful to talk to experienced foster carers who’ve been through the same thing.  That’s why, when you apply to foster with us, if you wish we can put you in touch with carers from your local area who can share their experience with you.

If you’re gay or lesbian, married, co-habiting or currently single, we’d like to hear from you if you’re interested in becoming a foster carer.


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